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Interactive Map for Phase II

Below is a map that indicates all the locations in the world where we need to place a Chamber of Eternal Light to complete Phase II of the Global Network of the Light of Genesis. 

You may click on a dot, and it will bring up an information badge, showing the number of Chambers of Eternal Light needed, as well as the city and country.

If a location has many Chambers needed, it will be represented by a circle with a number inside it.  You can zoom in to that location to see the individual locations.

To zoom in or out, you can use the + and - buttons on the top left of the map, which become visible when you place your mouse over the map.  You can also use the zoom-to-location button (the top button) in the top-left of the map--just click that button, then click-and-drag your mouse over an area you'd like to see in greater detail. 

To move around the map, just click-and-drag with your mouse.

To reset the map (and start over), simply reload the web page.
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