Maps for the Five Beams of Eternal Light

Here are the maps that Lantos wanted everyone to have access to, showing the Five Beams of Eternal Light emanating from the Seat of Eternal Light in Hawaii and covering all of the locations remaining for Phase II of the Global Network of the Light of Genesis.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom, the pictures represent the following maps:

How to Print the Maps

To print a map, follow these steps:

Also, below is a picture of the China map with BioTrinities positioned on the various locations.  You will notice that the Super Star Cell is positioned above the BioTrinities and the Super Water Cell is positioned below the BioTrinities. 

Below is also a link for a pdf file of the various locations for the BioTrinities.  It is important to position the BioTrinities in the proper order on the map.  For example, the listing for Europe is:
Green--Oslo, Norway
Pink--Aberdeen, Scotland
Aqua--Dublin, Ireland
Light Violet--Brest, France
First Rays--Lisbon, Portugal

This means that the Green BioTrinity will be the topmost BioTrinity on the map of Europe, positioned over Oslo.  The Pink BioTrinity will be just beneath the Green, positioned over Scotland.  This would continue to the bottommost BioTrinity, the First Rays, which would be positioned over Lisbon.

Also, you will need to place a BioTrinity on the Seat of Eternal Light in Hawaii.  This should either be the Golden BioTrinity or the specific BioTrinity for that map.  Here is the listing of the BioTrinities for each of the Five Beams:
China:  First Rays
Japan:  Pink
Europe:  Aqua
Asia:  Light Violet
Africa:  Green

Therefore, when you place the BioTrinities on the map of China, you would place on Hawaii either a Golden BioTrinity or a First Rays BioTrinity (but the First Rays BioTrinity would have to be in addition to the First Rays BioTrinity on its location in China).
Schedule for Placing Tools on the Maps

We should all place the BioTrinities & Super Cells on the same map each day, for the next five days.

Here is a schedule for the placement of the Tools on the maps:

If you miss one of these days, just move on to the next map.

Questions?  Call us:  1-888-722-2213

Thank you for your assistance on this project!